Gregory Dickens

Gregory Dickens
I’ve worked conventions since 2010, selling my self-published hero comics and offering commissioned sketches and orints. I’ll be at the table by myself. This year I’ll have a trade of my original comic series, the first issue of my subsequent series, and possibly another trade. I also have new pop-culture prints for this year. You can see my stuff at Robot Wonderboy and Hey Gregory I’m a lifelong comic creator now living in Transylvania, NC. My work has appeared in anthologies for Wide Awake, Fluke, Ronin, and 2015’s Dr. Strange fanzine to raise money for the Hero Initiative.

F.T. Lukens and Carrie Pack

F.T. Lukens is an author of Young Adult fiction who got her start by placing second out of ten thousand entries in a fan community writing contest. A sci-fi enthusiast, F.T. loves Star Trek and Firefly and is a longtime member of her college’s science-fiction club. She holds degrees in Psychology and English Literature and has a love of cheesy television shows, superhero movies, and writing. F.T. lives in North Carolina with her husband, three kids, and three cats. Her first two novels in the Broken Moon series, The Star Host and Ghosts & Ashes were published by Duet Books.
Carrie Pack

Never one for following the “rules,” Carrie Pack is a published author of books in multiple genres, including Designs on You, In the Present Tense and the forthcoming Grrrls on the Side (2017). Her novels focus on characters finding themselves in their own time—something she experienced for herself when she came out as bisexual recently. She’s passionate about positive representation in her writing and has been a feminist before she knew what the word meant, thanks to a progressive and civic-minded grandmother. Coincidentally that’s also where she got her love of red lipstick and desserts. Carrie lives in Florida, or as she likes to call it, “America’s Wang.”


Tara Hamilton

Tara Hamilton Comics! story book about a hairy lady trying to find her place in the world: Other comics! Walked Home
Tara Hamilton is a land locked sea captain turned designer-illustrator. She lives in Chattanooga Tennessee with her dog and dude. She works like a dog and she smells like one too, also, she draws. You can see her art at and buy her a drink next time you are in the scenic city. Arrocomic

Sad Girl Shoppe

991ed807-24a1-4de0-babf-7e391ecc2e20Sad Girl Shoppe is run by Janet George and Kamille Jackson, who founded it in 2015 with the idea of creating an outlet to share ideas and artwork with our community in Richmond, Virginia in an accessible, affordable way. Much of our focus centers around spreading awareness and normalizing discussion and perceptions of mental illness—we aim to create images and objects that acknowledge a complete spectrum of emotions, and have fallen in love with the ways we can use zines to accomplish this.

To-Do When You’re Sad is a recent project of Janet’s that stems from a desire to give back after personally dealing with depression (and coming to terms with the fact that battling sadness is an ongoing struggle). To-Do When You’re Sad is a zine that highlights the stories of real people who have shared accounts of their own experiences with depression. Janet is currently accepting submissions for Volume 2 of this zine—if you are interested in contributing, the info can be found here. Website.

Joe Carlough

Joe Carlough is a printer from Philadelphia. He’s been making zines and designing books for the past 8 years, and designs & prints chapbooks professionally for a range of clients. He’ll be tabling with a new collection of tiny books about peoples’ pets, a new chapbook of poetry, and some other weird stuff he’s printed. Here is his website:
Displaced Snail

Aggie Toppins

Aggie Toppins
Using the language of graphic design, The Unofficial Press examines life in late capitalist culture. The work exposes the negotiability of meaning while investigating the intersections of private histories with public rituals. The Unofficial Press takes interest in struggles within structures, in privilege and consumption, and in questions about place and identity within hyperreal life.

Aggie Toppins Website.

Suzie Kelly

c9cf52e5-5c70-431a-8d66-c719293ae10cSuzie Kelly is a yankee transplant residing in Johnson City, TN. She is an Artist, a Pixel Pusher, and the creator of Girls & Thieves. Issues of her per-art-zines are packed with original artwork, comics, stories and photographs. She is the also the founder of Johnson City Zine Fest.
IG: suzsketches