Dennis and Jerri Warren

Dennis and Jerri Warren, together with their beloved dachshund Flippy, are known as “The Flippy Family”. Dennis Warren is a writer, artist, musician, and entertainer, also known as Dionysis Metalcult and/or The Spectacular Stache. As the drummer/vocalist for Virginia heavy metal group Cult of Dionysis, he has produced several comic books about his semi-
autobiographical, psychedelic, science-fiction adventures with the band. Since January 2011 he has written, illustrated, and independently published seven issues and two specials for “Metalcult Comix”, “The World’s Greatest Heavy Metal comic Book”. He also created the children’s comic book, activity, and coloring book series “Flippy The Dachshund” along with his wife Jerri Warren in 2016. The series is based on the true life comedic adventures of their very own dachshund, Flippy. Jerri wrote the book with Dennis illustrating it. Flippy and her family have appeared at comic book conventions, toy shows, and other events throughout Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky, delighting audiences of all ages with their unique form of entertainment featuring independently produced comics, music, and art. and

Max Dowdle

Max Dowdle

After the requisite BA in painting and art history from the College of Charleston I attended the classical atelier of Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. It was my pleasure to learn the methods and minds of the masters of portraiture while I lived the ocher and cerulean lifestyle of an American in Italy, resulting in a gelato addiction. Desiring the ability to tell more of a story than a single static painting could provide, I’ve gradually found myself here, presenting to you a series of sequential static pictures that should result in something cohesive. An equal love of writing and drawing has conspired to create this desire to weave graphic tales, and a latent need for validation causes me to set it out there for others to see. Speaking of, if you’re in the mood for some paintings, they’re here:

The Talismanic Potato

The Talismanic Potato is M. Jean Smith/ Jess Rosenkoette

A magical blend of the real and the surreal, The Talismanic Potato is a women-made, independent, local, quarterly publication about food and culture. We focus on serious foodie stuff with a tone that is funny, artsy, and sometimes irreverent. We do the glossy stuff: food histories, traditions, regional dishes, chefs, behind-the-scenesters, restaurant reviews AND we use our acerbic wit (and others’!) to tell some pretty damn funny/moving stories about food and the context that surrounds it.


Both editors-in-chief work in the food industry in Asheville, NC. Both have called Asheville their home for about a decade and love this beautiful place. Both realize that while Asheville is a foodie destination for travelers from all over, it also is  a place, like many others, where there is significant food poverty. As such, The Talismanic Potato always plans to donate all profits from the sale of the magazine to a food charity in Asheville. You can track these donations on our website:

They will also be hosting one of our pre fest events at 3:30 on Saturday May 6th at Downtown Books and News.

Carla Marie Padvoiskis

Carla Marie Padvoiskis

Illustrated Poetry Zines, Self Published Poetry Books and Linoleum Prints

Bio:  (CMP) has been living in Western North Carolina for three years. She is a draftswoman, writer and printmaker with a day job farming vegetables and flowers. If she had to live her life as an animal she’d choose to be either a cat, a pika, a whale or a bat.

Steven and Casi Cline

Steven Cline and Casi Cline create collages, drawings, and written works and also help edit and organize a Surrealist journal & small press called Peculiar Mormyrid. For their zines Steven and Casi utilize combinations of collage, drawing, and written or found text. Steven’s primary zine series is called Rapture (mainly photographic collage and automatic writing) and Casi’s is called Ephemerality (combinations of collage, pen & ink drawings, and found or automatic text). Casi & Steven currently live in Cartersville, Georgia and work as Graphic Designers.

Asheville Skate Foundation will be raising funds at AZF

The Foundation Spot is a DIY skateable sculpture park built by volunteers. It draws swarms of locals and visitors from around the country. Located behind  the emerging Foundation Studios in Asheville’s River Arts District, the Foundation Spot has become a beacon for grassroots creativity and radical exercise. The Spot is free and open to anyone to come hang out, appreciate the art or ride the terrain. It is a surrounded by an extensive and beautiful collection of murals, created by some of Asheville’s and the region’s most talented artists.

As a fundraiser for The Foundation Spot, The Asheville Skate Foundation will have a curated selection of skateboard zines from around the country for sale and will be releasing our first edition of the Foundation Zine. 100% of the proceeds will go towards our insurance policy and purchasing concrete for future builds at the park.

Martin Malin

Martin Malin…I’ll be selling 2 comics Megabook, a collection of different creators (including myself) and Fritesite, my exclusive work….Both can be previewed at CE Publishing Born a l-o-o-ng time ago in Brooklyn…currently residing on the island of Long…been drawing comic books about as long as I’ve lived…not much success at either…and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Fritesite got a favorable review in the April edition of COMIC HEROES mag and copped the 2016 “Fred Wertham Comic Book Most Likely to Seduce the Innocent”award.

CE Publishing